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How It Works

Three easy steps to access our RSS feeds for digital signage :

  • Your digital signage software should be able to work with our feeds. If you want to view the feeds before you load them into your signage software you must first install a reader program on your computer. You may search the Web to find appropriate software or select a free program from the list below.
  • You must then copy the appropriate feed URLs (addresses ending with .xml) and paste them into the appropriate field of your RSS software. This will allow you to instantly receive your selected RSS feeds that you may view at any time.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer you need to right click the link for the news feed and save with "Save Target As" as selection. From there, paste said file into a window and you can see it then. Firefox is an easier way to view the news feeds without doing these extra steps.
  • Your subscribed RSS is available in your FTP folder in XML format within 30 minutes or via these URL's :
    - Usernameheres1/rsssportsnews.xml

RSS Clients (otherwise known as "readers"):

Online readers differ from desktop applications in that they are accessible from any computer that has access to the Internet. Some perks of these software programs include: they are easily organized and easily accessible; links may be added quickly; they make browsing more efficient.

Online Services:

  • Netvibes
  • Google IG
  • Page Flakes
  • Bloglines

Desktop Applications:

  • Google Desktop
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Apple Mail

Please Note : Since we have built our feeds for digital signage only there may be an incompatibility with Chrome and Safari browsers. Firefox is best to use to view the feeds. The weather feeds are currently for landscape format and the 1/3rd screen is designed for a 16:9 ratio screen. This 1/3rd screen is made for an ad to play to the left or right of the weather jpg. Soon we will offer our weather in portrait format for current and forecast weather as well. Our systems are configured to allow download of your subscribed products via secure logins. This is designed to work with most digital signage software however if you have a unique software requirement please email support with details of what you would need; we are confident we can make most scenarios work.




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