StreamScreen Media: Widescreen Indoor Video Advertising


A New Cost Effective and Compelling Way to Reach Local Audiences

StreamScreen Media offers a high-quality and reliable connectivity service for low prices to run your screens in a variety of industries.

Make your LCD or Plasma TV screens significantly impact the promotion of your business! For as little as $39 CDN per month per location you can change your ads online through our software and server. Or, we can make ad changes for you within one business day for no extra fee. Included in this price is your choice of up to 3 types of feeds. You can choose from WEATHER (with icons), and over 30 different RSS or XML feeds such as World News, UK or USA News & Entertainment and Celebrity News -- all complete with headlines and summaries, or just headlines!

RSS and XML Feeds for your Digital Signage Network:
We also have a separate service for Digital Signage Networks offering WEATHER (with icons), and 33 unique feeds such as NEWS and SPORTS, including options of displaying headlines with summaries, or just headlines. All for at least 25% off of what you're paying now!

Examples of these feeds can be seen HERE

Because our weather feeds including icons come from the source of data, we can afford to beat any price our competitors offer. Currently, we have weather for USA and Canadian cities, including many small cities. You can choose from a 4:3 or 16:9 format and may select from either current conditions or a 6 to 7 day forecast. Our weather feeds come with numerous information and our backgrounds are attractive. If Canadian and USA content is not what you are looking for, let us know what feed types you need in your distant country, as we may be able to do it quickly for a good price.

Click below to demo our feeds free for a month to see how good and reliable they are. There are no set up fees or hidden charges. We provide a turn-key solution for sourcing your hardware, leasing, installation, warranties, and offer service contracts for the hardware throughout the entire USA and Canada.

Please Note : Since we have built our feeds for digital signage only there may be an incompatibility with Chrome and Safari browsers. Firefox is best to use to view the feeds. The weather feeds are currently for landscape format and the 1/3rd screen is designed for a 16:9 ratio screen. This 1/3rd screen is made for an ad to play to the left or right of the weather jpg. Soon we will offer our weather in portrait format for current and forecast weather as well. Our systems are configured to allow download of your subscribed products via secure logins. This is designed to work with most digital signage software however if you have a unique software requirement please email support with details of what you would need; we are confident we can make most scenarios work.




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